inspired ~ Yoga Massage with Abigail

massageDuring Abigail’s years of yoga practice using AcquaViva principals, her understanding of the body and consequently, her tactile approach to massage has altered significantly and students who enjoy both yoga and massage concurrently experience complete embodiment, which complements their personal yoga practise.

This massage is a whole body integration, which leads to a felt sense understanding and  a radical shift in mobility, creating greater ease in day to day movements.

Abigail has trained in Swedish massage, Aromatherapy and Mayofacial release, which is an in depth sequence of ten massages based on the work of Ida Rolf. All of these combined with her continued study of AcquaViva Yoga have led to the creation of a unique massage leading to deep body transformation.


121 Yoga and Massage 90 minutes £80

Yoga or Massage 60 minutes  £60