inspired ~ Yoga with Abigail

Abigail started practicing yoga in 1997 and teaching in 2000, delighting in the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli, herself a student of Iyengar and Desikachar. Vanda started studying yoga when she was 40, widowed and with grown up children. Vanda is an icon, showing that we can reinvent ourselves at any age and like Vanda, Abigail has found Yoga to be a compelling interest and is also deeply supportive practice through many challenges in life.


Having worked with several of Vanda’s students, particularly Monica Voss and Diane Long Abigail has been strongly influenced by the AcquaViva approach to the work, created by Marc Acquaviva. She is his long term student and has enjoyed over 1000 hours of tuition.

Abigail’s open classes have a hidden depth starting with simple movements, which layer until students find themselves unfolding in surprising ways. Students only go as far as they are comfortable, resting whenever they need. There is a gentleness which underlies all practice so the body is nurtured and protected. Within that safety, the body can open deeply, so students relish in their newfound fluidity.

Abigail also has over 15 years experience working with peri-natal and peri-menipausal women. She studied with Janet Balaskas, Francoise Freedman and completed a doula training with Michel Odent, which she integrated with her studies with her experience practicing with Acquaviva principals to create a unique bespoke perinatal classes. She specialises in prevention or recovery from common injuries associated with pregnancy.

To gain greater insight to develop a deeper personal practice, Abigail offers 121 sessions, both in person or via Skype, a wonderful medium for experiencing this work. Something that interests the student from her own practice or finding ways to reduce injury are typical subjects covered in 121 sessions.   Combining yoga and massage, which is founded in AcquaViva principals can also be nourishing for the mind and body, creating an embodied experience that then feeds back into personal practice.

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